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SweetPea3 2 GB MP3 Player For Kids (Blue)
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SweetPea3 2 GB MP3 Player for Kids (Blue)
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The SweetPea3 MP3 Player for Kids is most appropriate for kids ages 0-6 years or for anyone who desires simplicity and robustness, such as many seniors and those with special needs.

    The SweetPea3 was designed from the ground up for kids and parents. Kids control what they need and parents control the rest. We've made it simple for everyone. Press any button to wake up the SweetPea3. After a few seconds it will start to play from the spot in the song where it was last played. Press the right button to advance to the next song and the left button to go to the previous song. Press the middle button to stop the song. You can also fast forward and fast rewind through a song by pressing and holding the right and left buttons respectively. Parents access the settings menu by pressing and holding the right and left buttons together for six seconds. Speaker and headphone volume, playlist selection (up to 99) and auto off time are configured within the settings menu. The SweetPea3 shuts off automatically when it is idle for one minute. It can be restarted again by pressing a button. Loading Music and Stories The SweetPea3 is effectively a USB hard drive. This means you transfer, organize and delete music files just as you would on any hard drive. You can drag and drop or copy and paste songs and stories using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. You can also drag and drop straight from iTunes. Audible audio books are transferred using Audible Manager (you cannot transfer Audible audio books from a Mac).

  • Fully functional MP3 player with integrated speaker Large LCD display shows song number and song title Works with both PC and Mac** 2GB memory (32 hours or 700 songs at 128 kbit/s data rate) Hidden volume control for parental access only Stores songs in up to 99 playlists Plays through the playlist continuously (loops back to beginning of playlist) Remembers last position in track upon startup Fast forward / fast rewind for finding spot in long tracks (e.g. audio books) Shuts off automatically when not in use (after one minute) Programmable Auto Off time (shuts off after up to 2 hours of play or never) Audio boost mode for plugging into external speakers or car audio systems Over 50 hours on a single AA battery (included) Durable exterior of soft, food-grade rubber USB port (cable included) Headphone jack (headphones are not included or necessary) AC adapter jack (AC adapter available separately) (North American UL/cUL safety certified) User manual provided Dimensions: 6.5" x 2.75" x 1.125" (16.5cm x 7.0cm x 2.75cm) ** You cannot load Audible content or update the firmware using a Mac. All other capabilities are available including loading and deleting music. Compatible Media MP3 WMA (Windows Media Audio) AAC, .M4A (iTunes) AA, AAX ( (load from a PC only) OGG Vorbis (open standard) Child Controls Middle button: On, Play/Stop Right button: Play next song (press and hold for fast forward through song) Left button: Play previous song (press and hold for fast rewind through song) Parental Controls Access the special settings menu by simultaneously pressing the Left and Right buttons for 6 seconds. This menu sets volume, current playlist and the Automatic Off time
  • SweetPea3 2 GB also known as: SP3-102-1

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